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I use php array_rand to select 1 random record from array, Example:

$style_class = array("st_style1","st_style2","st_style3","st_style4");
$random_class = array_rand($style_class, 1);
$div_class = $style_class[$random_class];

The issue is that sometimes it gives a same record several times, and as I use only 4 records it happens quiet often (using "array_rand" is not neccesary) .


st_style1, st_style2, st_style2, st_style2, st_style4, st_style2 ...

Is there a way to solve this issue, so two same record would not get displayed two times in a row.

For example

st_style2, st_style4, st_style2, st_style1, st_style3, st_style2, st_style1 ...

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repeating sequences are part of randomness. It's highly unlikely, but you can get heads a billion times in a row on a coin toss. Doesn't look random, but is possible. –  Marc B Oct 20 '11 at 17:07

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The simpliest solution is to keep track of the latest one and keep calling random until you get something different. Something like:

$style_class = array("st_style1","st_style2","st_style3","st_style4");
$styles = array()
$lastStyle = -1
for($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++) {
    while(1==1) {
        $newStyle = array_rand($style_class, 1);
        if ($lastStyle != $newStyle) { 
            $lastStyle = $newStyle;
    $div_class = $style_class[$lastStyle]
    $styles[] = $div_class

Then use the $styles[] array in order. It should not have any duplicates

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so in this case, I would use $lastStyle instead of $div_class if I use your code right? –  Ilja Oct 20 '11 at 17:32
see my edit to see how you'd use my code in yours –  James J. Regan IV Oct 20 '11 at 19:42
Briliant ))) thank you very much –  Ilja Oct 20 '11 at 20:06
Tried it out, seems to work, but still sometimes I get same record twice or even more :/ -- code I use -- $style_class = array("st_style1","st_style2","st_style3","st_style4"); $lastStyle = -1; while(1==1) { $newStyle = array_rand($style_class, 1); if ($lastStyle != $newStyle) { $lastStyle = $newStyle; break; } } $div_class = $style_class[$lastStyle]; –  Ilja Oct 20 '11 at 20:16
Doesn't this defeat the idea of 'random'? –  Mike Purcell Oct 20 '11 at 20:45

Basically same as James J. Regan IV's answer, but using a do-while loop:

Set up the array like this:

$style_class = array("st_style1","st_style2","st_style3","st_style4");
$prev_class = -1;

And then, to obtain a random class:

do {
    $random_class = array_rand($style_class, 1);
} while ($random_class == $prev_class);
$div_class = $style_class[$prev_class = $random_class];

Edit: Alternative solution, with no loops:

$style_class = array("st_style1","st_style2","st_style3","st_style4");
$random_class = array_rand($style_class);

To obtain a new random class:

$random_class += rand(1, count($style_class)-1);
$div_class = $style_class[$random_class % count($style_class)];

This works as long as the array keys are consecutive integers starting from zero (as is the case if you define it with array() and don't explicitly specify any keys).

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Save the last style in a var, then make a loop till the new style differs from last style. And then you will have a different from the last on every execution.

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