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I'm not sure what I'm missing but after setting up Redmine and locally "git cloned" a repo using "--mirror" option. I wanted to put the Git repo path into Redmine, but the Redmine -> Settings -> Repo page doesn't seem to have a place for me to put that path. Am I missing anything? (See attached screenshots below for better illustration of this issue)

I followed this guide except I skip the Subversion/Mercurial part: HowTo Install Redmine 1.2.x with Mercurial and Subversion on Ubuntu Server 10.04

Also followed this Apache configuration for Git in Redmine guide:Repositories access control with apache, mod_dav_svn and mod_perl

Also try to get the Git repo setup locally using this guide: Repositories

I wanted to setup like it did in this blog post: Configuring a Git repository with Redmine

What it suppose look like: What it suppose look like

What it actually look like in my setup: What it actually look like in my setup

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The problem is that your second screenshot is the settings page of your redmine installation - the settings here apply to all projects. However, you can't link a repository from there.

You should make sure that you created a project, and then go into the project's settings page. There you'll find the Repository settings of your first screenshot.

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