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For an NSIS installer I have been using this command:

SetOutPath $INSTDIR\data
File /r /x *.svn data\newTerrainTiled

to copy my data files into the executable itself. I now have a larger data set that has outgrown the maximum size of the installer executable. I tried to change my code to this:

SetOutPath $INSTDIR\data
CopyFiles /r $EXEDIR\data\newTerrainTiled

But obviously CopyFiles does not have a recursive flag. I realize I could create the subdirectories of the newTerrainTiled folder one by one and then used CopyFiles with the wildcard (*) character. I wanted to know if someone has already come up with a recursive method of copying using CopyFiles in place of File for when data sets become large.


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The CopyFiles syntax is: CopyFiles [flags] <source> <destination> –  Anders Oct 20 '11 at 18:22

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  • The File instruction packs files from the system you are compiling on into the installer.
  • CopyFiles copies files and/or folders from a to b on the end users system! (That is, both the source and destination is on the end users system and the source files actually have to exist before you copy)

CopyFiles can copy a directory (with all files and subfolders) but in your case it would only be useful if the data directory was on a CD/DVD along with the installer.

Other alternatives are:

  • Put the data files in a external archive (zip etc) and use one of the NSIS plugins to extract.
  • Append the data to the end of the generated installer and extract that ("unlimited" file size)
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I understand what the CopyFiles syntax is. I understand that CopyFiles requires files to exist on the end uer's system already. The newTerrainTiled has a great many subdirectories and they are editied enough that creating a zip archive or storing a bunch of CreateDirectory/CopyFiles commands in the install script is problematic. I don't know how to append the data to the end of the generated installer nor how to extract it. I was mostly wondering: has somebody written a macro or function that does a recursive CopyFiles? –  mday299 Oct 20 '11 at 19:53
Nevermind, I'm an idiot. CopyFiles already will do a recursive copy, as you said -- somehow missed that on my first read. –  mday299 Oct 20 '11 at 23:08

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