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How to rewrite a form tag in rails 3 to rails3.1 form_tag

 <form name="admin_profile"
       action="<%= admin_url(
                :ctrl => controller,
                :app_action => @content_data['app_action']
            ) %>"

I tried

 <%= form_tag(admin_url(
            :ctrl => controller,
            :app_action => @content_data['app_action']
        { :name=>'admin_profile'}, :method => :post, :remote => :true  )  do %>

Actually I want to open an overlay when I click on the below link

                      link_to package_item.getId(),
                            { :controller => 'cmn/popup',
                                :action => "show_popup",
                                :frame_url => admin_url( 
                                                  :ctrl => controller,
                                                  :app_action => 'package.item.edit',
                                                  :id => package_item.getId().to_s ),
                                :frame_width => '570px',
                                :frame_height => '355px'
                                :remote => true
But it opens in a new window..

Any help please..

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So, you want to display a popup? If you do, you need to use javascript (e.g. jQuery). Please, clarify. Thank you. –  Yosep Kim Oct 20 '11 at 19:34
Yes..I'm using Prototype...Actually this is a big application and its hard to convert all into jquery. I installed the prototype-rails and prototype_legacy_helper and installed the jquery as well. But if i include jquery its give me some error.so I commented out that option of inculcating jquery.Thanks for the reply –  Jens Oct 20 '11 at 19:52

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