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I have my app that loads some images in the first activity, then the user can click one and and new activity is open... the question is:

how can i go back to my first activy without load again all the images?


i found my problem..

in my first activity i had

     protected void onStop() {


when my activity was not visible, then it was finished, thats why my app closed when y click the back button in the second activity.

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i will, thanks! –  Bachask8 Oct 20 '11 at 18:40
r u using listView...?? show some code that you are using to provide most sutaible solution to problem –  Arpit Garg Oct 20 '11 at 18:45

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You need to implement an onSavedInstanceState() method in your first activity. In the method, save the images you want to use to the given bundle. Careful though, if you save too much your application is going to be really slow when switching between activities.

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