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I'm looking for a way to generate documentation for object-oriented MATLAB code. Using "doc classname" spits out exactly what I need (class header, properties w/ descriptions, list of methods and their description, no code) but you can't save it. It's only viewable through MATLAB help. I've tried the MATLAB publishing tool but it is really meant for publishing scripts and basic functions. m2html would be great but it doesn't support classes.

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The internal help2html function that is called by doc will get you some of the way there. Try this:

htmlstr = help2html('myClassName','','-doc');
fid = fopen('myClassName.html','w');

This will make you an html file that contains the documentation for the class, which is a start. The links in the file will all be of the form 'matlab:helpwin' though, which are intended for use within MATLAB's internal browser. You can either go through and alter the links, or you can try to incorporate the html files into MATLAB's help along these lines: Add Documentation to the Help Browser.

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Awesome. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. –  Jeff R Oct 21 '11 at 18:01
I've tried publish, mtoc++ (Doxygen filter), "Using Doxygen with Matlab" (another Doxygen filter), and help2html on a heavily OO Matlab project I have and help2html is the only one that successfully generates useful output. –  Erik Engbrecht Apr 8 '12 at 14:51

You can get quite a way down this route by using the object metaclasses and the functional form of HELP. For example (untested, but hopefully you get the idea):

hc = ?MyClass; %# get the class handle
arrayfun( @(x) iEmit(hc, x), hc.MethodList );
arrayfun( @(x) iEmit(hc, x), hc.PropertyList );

function iEmit( hc, thing )
    entity = sprintf( '%s.%s', hc.Name, thing.Name );
    txt    = help( entity );
    fprintf( 1, 'Help for: %s\n%s', entity, txt )
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