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I have a couple of packages I have trouble naming.

  • This package contains classes and interfaces for communicating with external servers through client software. The external servers are not part of our system, but required for daily operations.
  • This package contains classes and interfaces that import and export data.

Any suggestions?

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Depends on who is going to use this package? Other teams or is it internal? Draw the tree structure that you have in mind. – RHT Oct 20 '11 at 19:30
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How about keeping it simple, and naming them and

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If you are talking to a specific service, I would just name it after the service. So if you were using com.mycompany as your namespace, and you were talking to the Floobulator service, I might just call it something simple like com.mycompany.floobulator

As far as import and export, I often don't put it in its own package, unless there is a reason to. In that case, try out com.mycompany.floobulator.import .export or perhaps .io? Just use whichever one "feels right" as this is probably not a terribly huge decision in the long run as long as it is somewhat sensible.

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Thanks, I thought about naming them after services, but where should I put those classes used by multiple services? – Tom Tucker Oct 20 '11 at 19:35

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