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I have a form here in which there is a textfield which contains a number. In another part of the form there are rows, which coresponds with the number entered. For example 2 = 2 rows etc. So my idea is to create one row which is duplicated by a javascript. So i must create a input element which name is in a array like name="input[]" how can i do this in Zend Framework?

The only approach i found for this kind of problem is to use subforms. But every Subform has a explicite name which is not in a array.

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To make a rendered Zend_Form respond to client-side changes - as in your example, to allow the user to enter the number of rows he wants - you need both client-side and server-handling.

The best example demonstrating the general idea is from Jeremy Kendall:

jeremykendall.net » Blog Archive » Dynamically Adding Elements to Zend_Form

The upshot is that you have client-side code that adds tracks the number of fields and then a preValidation() method that injects the right number of fields into the $form instance before isValid() gets called.

[As noted in the comments there, this preValidation() processing could just be bundled into isValid() so that the controller remains unchanged.]

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