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I wrote an app on site, to upload and serve mediafiles (to registered users). Actually, files are served by nginx, using x-accel-redirect header.

When browser try to download e.g. it gets HTTP301 to "abc.pdf/", but if file contains cyrillic letters, e.g. "/файл.pdf", everything is ok, browser gets file!

Why ADD_SLASHES adds / to plain ASCII URL, while it's matches pattern?

Site also based on django-cms, if it makes difference.


(r'^mediacontent/', include('mediacontent.urls')),


url(r'^files/(?P<path>.*)$', login_required(serve_mediacontent), name="serve"),


def serve_mediacontent(request, path):
    webserver = getattr(settings, 'WEBSERVER', 'nginx')
    if webserver == 'nginx':
        response = HttpResponse()
        response['Content-Type'] = ""
        response['X-Accel-Redirect'] = "/media/files/" + path.encode("utf-8")
        return response
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