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I'm getting a clob as parameter from a procedure and it contains a CSV file. I need to read this data and load it into another Oracle table.

Could someone please explain how to do this.

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What version of Oracle are you using? It might have an impact on the answer. – Burhan Ali Oct 20 '11 at 21:35

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AFAIK Oracle has no ready made goodies for this. One promising candidate is DBMS_UTILITY.COMMA_TO_TABLE, but it's heavily limited to a very special task making it no-option. So you have to roll your sleeves and make your own.

Your specification is a bit vague, but one option is a SPLIT function:

create table so18t (
  id number,
  csv clob

insert all
into so18t values(1,'1,2,3'||chr(10)||
into so18t values(2,'aaa,bbb,ccc'||chr(10)||
select 1 from dual;

  v_lines jh_util.stringlist_t;
  v_values jh_util.stringlist_t;
  for rec in (select * from so18t order by id) loop
    v_lines := jh_util.split(rec.csv, chr(10));
    for i in v_lines.first .. v_lines.last loop
      dbms_output.put_line('line ' || i || ':');
      v_values := jh_util.split(v_lines(i));
      /* Do what you want with the values - I just print them */
      for j in v_values.first .. v_values.last loop
        dbms_output.put_line('v_values(' || j || ') = ' || v_values(j));
      end loop;
    end loop;
  end loop;
show errors


line 1:
v_values(1) = 1
v_values(2) = 2
v_values(3) = 3
line 2:
v_values(1) = 40
v_values(2) = 5
v_values(3) = 6
line 3:
v_values(1) = 700
v_values(2) = 80
v_values(3) = 9
line 1:
v_values(1) = aaa
v_values(2) = bbb
v_values(3) = ccc
line 2:
v_values(1) = ddd
v_values(2) = eee
v_values(3) = fff
line 3:
v_values(1) = ggg
v_values(2) = hhh
v_values(3) = iii

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Of cource Oracle doesn't provide split but SO helps. In the example above I have used my own one.

Other interesting resources:

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Could you also post your JH_UTIL.SPLIT() function? – davor Sep 4 at 9:05
@davor I won't post it here but it's available in Bitbucket – user272735 Sep 4 at 10:48

Do not export the data to a file.

You will need to convert the clob into something useful, parse it, then write to the other table. Here is the steps you need to do:

  1. Convert the Clob from a Clob to a something useful. CLOB.getCharacterStream() seems useful.
  2. Parse the CSV data from the converted Clob object. CSVReader reader = new CSVReader(the_reader_from_getCharacterStream); ftw
  3. Store the desired data in the other table.

Oracle's CLOB Object provides some useful methods.
CSVReader is from Open CSV.

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I don't know of an immediate way of parsing a clob as a CSV, but Oracle provides a number of tools for working with CSV files such as External Tables and SQL*Loader.

So an approach might be to:

  1. Export the clob as a file using DBMS_LOB and UTL_FILE
  2. Load the file using one of the CSV tools mentioned above.
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