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I am trying to create a short animation of an object rotating in 3D space..I have all my images ready..I would like to know how I can change from one image to the other without the transition moves being shown

Thank you

Edit: What i mean is that instead of having a bouncing ball which all i need to do is move the ball in each frame, what if i had and object that in every frame I used a different image: eg. person facing forward, person facing facing right, etc...how can i do it without the image being shown as being dragged from the screen?

I hope I'm making sense

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What exactly do you mean by without transition moves? Can you edit your question and elaborate? –  bendewey Apr 24 '09 at 2:20
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I whant to advise you look at Principles of Microsoft Silverlight Animation video by Jeff Paries on mix09. I shure it usefull and comprehensive overview of Silverlight animations.

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this video is exactly what I needed. Thanks –  Lilz Apr 24 '09 at 13:21
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