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i setup a SVN server in ubuntu. I am able to checkout and commit changes to my files using the terminal. I want to access my repositories in windows and so i setup TortoiseSVN. I was able to checkout the contents of my repository to a folder but i am not able to commit or import as i get the error

"Commit Failed, attempt to write a readonly database"

. I tried to clear the cache to see if i can enter username and password but there is no authenticated data. How can i fix this? Is there any way to set the user as which tortoiseSVN makes the commits? Thanks.

Not sure if this is required but here is a link to my repository:

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http or svn+ssh used? chmod repodir or chown for getting +w rights – Lazy Badger Oct 20 '11 at 21:18

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Make sure the file /svn/repopath/db/rep-cache.db has write permissions for the user subversion uses.

More info here:

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