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While trying to deploy my Django app I keep getting this error about my custom context processors:

Error importing request processor module context_processors: "No module named context_processors"

In settings.py:


my context processor is djangoapp/app/context_processors.py (init.py included):

from django.conf import settings

def media_url(request):
    return {'MEDIA_URL': settings.MEDIA_URL}

def static_url(request):
    return {'STATIC_URL': settings.STATIC_URL}

Worked fine in the development server but not when I tried to deploy it on apache + mod_wsgi.

Any ideas?

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are you using mod_wsgi? if so what's in your wsgi file –  armonge Oct 21 '11 at 4:24

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Try "djangoapp.app.context_processors.media_url but I don't get it why you include MEDIA_URL and STATIC_URL sencond time. django.core.context_processors.media context processor contains MEDIA_URL already and django.core.context_processors.static contains STATIC_URL.

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