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I'm currently in the process of making a game. he game consists of the player operating a robot from a top down perspective. The movement, collisions and firing is all implemented.

However, the robot has 2 'arms' from which it fires its weapons, to fire from these arms i have basically set up 2 makeshift locations for the robot to fire from, one for each arm, consisting of an offset in the X direction of +/- 15. When the player is looking down the arms shoot fine and the bullets appear to be coming out from the robots arms, however, when i turn the player to look to the left or right on the Y axis, it appears as though the robot is shooting the bullets from within its body. I have an image to help illustrate the issue


As you can see, the left and right projectile spawn points are in the correct position until the robots body is rotated. What i want to be able to do, is rotate those 2 Vector2 positions around alongside the robots body. The red blocks show where the projectiles are spawning from, and the white blocks represent where i would like the spawn position to be. I've tried a few rotation methods but none have had the effect im after.

Any clues?

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You could do it with an affine transform... but, in your case, it might be easier to do it with basic trig.

LET X, Y be the location of the robot.

LET T be the angle of rotation of the robot.

LET DX be the distance from the center of the robot to the "arm". (use -DX for the other arm).

ArmX = (cos(T) * DX) + X

ArmY = (sin(T) * DX) + Y

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Thank you so much, I've tried some many different formulas, and this one is so simple, and works perfectly, thanks again! :D – andeeeeeee Oct 20 '11 at 21:51
No problem! I see you're pretty new here. If my answer was helpful, I'd be most appreciative it you'd up-vote my answer and mark is as "Accepted" by clicking the checkbox under the voting arrows! Thanks! – Steve Oct 20 '11 at 21:55

I suppose, you have a forward direction and a center for your robot, then

 F = forward vector
 c = center point
 d = distance from center to arms

 NF = normal to forward

 NF = new Vector2(F.Y, -F.X);


 LeftArmShootOrigin = c + NF * d;
 RightArmShootOrigin = c - NF * d;
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It looks like you're rotating the vectors themselves correctly. The part you're missing is that you need to encode the position of the base/tail of your vector (the place it starts from) as a vector and rotate that as well.

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