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I've had to replace the session token handler with the following, due to a requirement of running my site on load balancers.

public class WebFarmSessionSecurityTokenHandler : SessionSecurityTokenHandler
    public WebFarmSessionSecurityTokenHandler(X509Certificate2 protectionCertificate)
        : base(CreateRsaTransforms(protectionCertificate))
    { }

    private static ReadOnlyCollection<CookieTransform> CreateRsaTransforms
      (X509Certificate2 protectionCertificate)
        var transforms = new List<CookieTransform>() 
                            new DeflateCookieTransform(), 
                            new RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(protectionCertificate),
                            new RsaSignatureCookieTransform(protectionCertificate),

        return transforms.AsReadOnly();

I then amended the web.config as follows.

      <clear />
      <add type="MyAssembly.WebFarmSessionSecurityTokenHandler, MyAssembly"/>

My hope after doing this was that my relying party would function no matter what node it was accessing or what box initiated the authenication.

I'm currently getting the following : A SecurityTokenHandler is not registered to read security token.

Any ideas?

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void onServiceConfigurationCreated(object sender, ServiceConfigurationCreatedEventArgs e)
            List<CookieTransform> sessionTransforms = new List<CookieTransform>(new CookieTransform[] 
                new DeflateCookieTransform(), 
                new RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(e.ServiceConfiguration.ServiceCertificate),
                new RsaSignatureCookieTransform(e.ServiceConfiguration.ServiceCertificate)

            SessionSecurityTokenHandler sessionHandler = new SessionSecurityTokenHandler(sessionTransforms.AsReadOnly());

The above needs to be placed inside the global.asax file. With the following event hooked up in the application start.

FederatedAuthentication.ServiceConfigurationCreated += onServiceConfigurationCreated;

I no longer required the WebFarmSessionSecurityTokenHandler or the config changes to slot it in.

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