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I am working on this site: and I would like the login dialog popup box to pop up whenever the user clicks on the "log in" link. These links appear throughout the site like on the top-right of the home page, and also on pages the user can not access without being logged in like their home page:

Right now I am able to get the dialog box to pop up using jQuery when users submit forms and are not logged-in, like in this form: (has to have some input in there).

But how do people get the popup to pop-up on clicks of specific regular links?


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One way of doing that is to include the login form on every page, then use CSS and jQuery to hide it until it's needed, and link up the click event of the login link to displaying the form. The form itself can handle posting data to the login page.

Here's a quick example

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good example Bryan, exactly how I would've recommended doing it. – ajrawson Oct 20 '11 at 22:39

Based on your code (see note below), it appears that your login links have class="login_link" and your login popup launch code is $("#loginpopup").dialog();. To make that popup open when the links are clicked, you need:


References for learning: jQuery Class Selector, jQuery .click() method

FYI: It would be helpful to actually include an example of the relevant code in your question (a.login_link and $("#loginpopup").dialog(); in this specific example). Otherwise, your question essentially has no value to other people browsing StackOverflow looking for answers.

FYI 2: You have tons of lines commented out with // comments. You can use /*my comment*/ for multiline comments.

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You can try this, its a tutorial i wrote on how to create this login and signup form when clicked on a link or a button. No need to use jQuery UI for this, just simple jQuery popup plugin and HTML CSS.

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