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I have two tables, let's just call them A & B, which can be joined together via a foreign key. There is a BIT field on Table A (and only on Table A), and once set to TRUE, I want ONLY users of a certain group membership to able to update/delete the record.

For just Table A, I used the following:

CREATE trigger [trigger_TableA] on [TableA] after update, delete
set nocount on
 if exists (select 1 from deleted d where d.[BitFlag] = 1)
     and exists (select 1 from inserted i where i.[BitFlag] = 1)
     and 1 != isnull(IS_MEMBER('GROUP_NAME'), 0)
     RAISERROR('Only members of GROUP_NAME are allowed to update or delete.', 16, 1)

How would I modify the above for table to be a Trigger for Table B that involves checking the BitFlag on Table A?


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Join inserted/deleted to table A? –  Stu Oct 20 '11 at 22:11
Can you please give me an example of the syntax for this? Thanks! –  Ray Oct 20 '11 at 22:18

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 if exists (select 1 from deleted d INNER JOIN tableA a on d.? = a.? where a.[BitFlag] = 1) 
     and exists (select 1 from inserted i INNER JOIN tableA a on i.? = a.? where a.[BitFlag] = 1) 

Of course you will have to replace the ?s with whatever field you need to join on.

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