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This is maybe no big problem but i am trying to optimize my app. It is jee6 application with jsf2.0 framework, primefaces2.1 and glassfish3.1.

I have situation where on click on commandLink I have to do smth on the servers side and then redirect to the other page with some get parameters. And I solved it by using p:commandLink with nested f:param. Action returns string wihch is navigation outcome to the other page defined in faces-context with redirect and include-view-params="true". And everything works fine. BUT, when I looked in trace I saw that managed bean's constructor is called twice after rendering destination page (page two). So managed bean loads some data from database twice which i would like to awoid



<p:commandLink value="Go to page2" action="#{bean1.doSmthBefore}">
<f:param name="param1" value="1"/>


public class Bean1{
    public void doSmthBefore(){
        return "page2";


<f:viewParam name="param1" value="#{bean2.param1}"/>


public class Bean2{
   String param1;
   public Bean2(){
      sout("Constructor") //<-trace
   //geters seters...
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Where in page2 is your bean2 referenced from? Maybe you are fetching some kind of id attribute from bean2 and therefore it is constructed twice? – Manuel Nov 27 '12 at 16:04

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