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OK, I have been reading about the celery and rabbitmq, while I appreciate the effort of the project and the documentation, I am still confused about a lot of things.



I am super confused about if celery is only for Django or a standalone server, as the second link claims celery is tightly used with Django. Both sites show different ways of setting up and using celery, which to me is chaotic.

Enough rant, is there a proper book available that I can buy?

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also, I am not able to find much info about what celeryd_multi really is, when I run the first time, it looks like a command line server, but running celeryd_multi it puts the server in background as daemon. Any ideas? 1) CELERYD="/var/www/queuemanager/manage.py celeryd" 2) CELERYD_MULTI="/var/www/queuemanager/manage.py celeryd_multi" – James Lin Oct 24 '11 at 19:09
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Well not a book but I recently did setup in Dotcloud for Django+Celery, and here's the short doc: http://docs.dotcloud.com/tutorials/python/django-celery/

It's intended for simple tasks to be run asynchronously. There is a dotcloud-specific setup, but the rest might clear things up a bit. AFAIK, Celery started tightly coupled with Django but later became an entirely different animal, although it still retains superb compatibility with Django.

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link not working – ashim888 Feb 5 at 12:34

I don't know of a book, I guess a quick Amazon search would dig that up.

The bottom line is, celery is run as a separate server and works just as well for a standalone python program as Django, so it is not tied directly to Django. You can also run the celeryd worker software on multiple computers so they can all process the same queue concurrently. Often a separate queueing server, such as RabbitMQ is run to store the queue message.

Keep in mind, django-celery is just an integration app that acts as glue between Django and Celery.

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This was asked a long time back and the celery docs have been significantly spruced up since, it'd be good to start with the FAQ's to allay queries of this nature.


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