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I'd like to put arguments on different lines, but I get parse errors on all the variations I try, including adding commas, allwin-style parens, and different indentations.

  constructor: (
  ) ->
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I see that you posted an issue about this. –  Trevor Burnham Oct 21 '11 at 22:57

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( @a
, @b
, @c
) ->

Both trailing \ and leading , suppress newlines in CoffeeScript.

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It appears you are out of luck. If you look at the grammar rules for the function definition, you will see that the rule is defined as:

'PARAM_START ParamList PARAM_END FuncGlyph Block'

The rule for Block allows for TERMINATOR tokens (which are semi-colon or carriage return) but the ParamList rule (the one you are interested in adding a new line in) does not allow for it.

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