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I'm trying to decide how to visually represent a user selecting from a list of containers to process. There's the old select items in a single listbox or listview; or use checkboxes in the same; or even require the user move items from one listbox (from the left) to another listbox (on the right), to indicate they should be processed.

Basically, I've got a few hundred folders in the left from which I want the user to hand-pick a few dozen or maybe a hundred, or all of them.

Using Windows Forms controls, how is this typically handled?

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A CheckedListBox, probably. –  minitech Oct 20 '11 at 23:34
Yeh, I'm leaning towards the single list with checkboxes, whether that be a listbox or listview though, I haven't decided. I'm thinking the two-list approach has its own advantages though of allowing the user to more easily eyeball the selected list of items before processing. I was hoping there's a commonly modern way of doing that and keeping it simple. –  Robert Kerr Oct 20 '11 at 23:55

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