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The new Android ADT for Eclipse seemed awesome and since I am dropping quite some data there I was pleased to create quite a few new filters.

The problem is that while the application is running and I try to select one of my custom filters the selection on the left is immediately changed to a "(Session Filter)" and content is modified accordingly.

Anyone knows how to override this?

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I'm not aware of any way to deactivate the automatic session filter, but it does seem buggy, even in r15. I have the opposite problem... I can't seem to get the automatic session filter to appear consistently, though after a while it finally spontaneously appears (this can be after running my project many times in a given session but it seems to stick around once it appears... at least it did in r14... it hasn't worked for me yet in r15 but I just updated).

Actually, I think found a way after all! In Window -> Preference -> Android -> LogCat, if you check "Display logcat view..." it seems to be what allows LogCat to create the automatic session filter.

Problem is, that has other bugs, and turning it off tends to screw with the autoscroll of the LogCat filter you have active.

Anyway, change that setting and see if it helps!

Edit: Something else to consider is using Window -> Show View -> Other -> Android -> Logcat (deprecated) (but who knows how long that'll be around?) Found that info in this bug report (which is where reports like the one I linked to earlier were consolidated to). (That's probably not very useful to you since you like the new auto filter, but it might be useful to others reading this.)

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