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I'm trying to localize my Flex app, I have been able to setup the locale specifics and all the stuff inside MXML tags, that works pretty well, my question is, what about if I have for example:

  loginBtn.label = "Logout";
  loginBtn.label = "Login";

How can I change with ActionScript those two strings to an other locale?

Thanks for any help!!

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Use the ResourceManager

  loginBtn.label = resourceManager.getString(MyResourceBundles.LABELS,'login')
  loginBtn.label = resourceManager.getString(MyResourceBundles.LABELS,'logout')

The downside of this approach is that bindings won't fire if the user changes language midway.

Therefore, for this specific example, I'd reccommend states:

<s:Button id="loginBtn" 
   label.loggedOut="{resourceManager.getString(MyResourceBundles.LABELS,'logout')}" />
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