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Im having trouble with an mySQL Query .What i need is a query that will display on the same page where im viewing a post a list of links to posts in the same category on the side of the page.Im almost finished a music site similar to youtube where users can listen to a track and see a list of tracks beside the post that are in the same category. Any Information Ive found on this is just related to Wordpress pluggins which im not using. My Database Tables are


        Table - Mixes
           mix_cat -- mix_cat is the foreign key for categories.cat_id

The cat_id of Categories is linked to the foreign key mix_cat in table Mixes.I Know it has something to do with ?id= number of the id in one of the table,s Cheers guys Thanks for your help Trevor

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You could try something like

Select * from Table_Mixes where id={insert id here, don`t forget to force the int type to avoid SQL Injection}

Get the row and now you have a $mix object with a mix_cat property (or $mix['mix_cat'], if you get it as an array).

Now you just

select * from Table_Mixes where mix_cat={insert $mix->mix_cat here} order_by {whatever} limit {how many links?}

and build the links.

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Cheers man.Thanks for your help but i cant seem to work out the mix_cat={insert $mix->mix_cat here} Something to do with the id and the mixes page –  Trevor Oct 21 '11 at 1:36
Paste your code here so we can check it out and give you a better advice! –  Rodrigo Ferreira Oct 22 '11 at 16:58
Hi rodrigo im having trouble sending the code my email address is deryarnow23@yahoo.ie and if u can email me on that i can send you the code there thanks again for your help mate –  Trevor Oct 24 '11 at 23:34

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