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i have two libs, but there is a dependency between the two libs, such as:

B.a depends on A.a

but to build a shared lib C.so( B.a => C.so ), what should i do. here is my Android.mk,


but after ndk-building, it comes up the errors, undefined reference..functions.(the functions are all defined in A.a)

does that mean, it can not load A.a?

is it necessary to load A.a in Android.mk again?

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It means the linker cannot find A.a –  Reno Oct 21 '11 at 3:09
how to solve it –  keven Oct 21 '11 at 5:53

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Take a look at my answer for this similar question.

Your problem is the usage of LOCAL_LDFLAGS which is limited to a specific set of libraries, depending on the api level you are using. Be sure to make use of the provided ndk documentation in $NDK/docs/, specifically $NDK/docs/ANDROID-MK.html and $NDK/docs/STABLE-APIS.html to find out how to properly write your Android.mk file.

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