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I have a webservice DLL. written in .Net 2 Now I want to access methods of this dll in my Silverlight app. Is it possible as of today to access .net dll from within silverlight app? I do not have source code for my dll.

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You cannot referene a non-silverlight assembly from silverlight, but you can reference a silverlight assembly from a regular .net application.

Sounds like you just want to call a web service from your silverlight application. If that is the cause you should be able to just add a web reference to your web service, so you shouldn't need to reference that dll at all I suspect.

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You cannot directly use a .net compiled dll in silverlight. For accessing directly with silverlight, it has to be built with ".net silverlight runtime".

Silverlight is a minified version of the .net framework.

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If it is already a webservice then call the webservice methods from your silver light application

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You should just be able to to call the webservice from Silverlight. Do you have it setup in IIS already?

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webservice around webservice this sounds nice. Is there any tutorials out there? –  user194076 Oct 21 '11 at 1:56
Sorry, I didn't see that you already had a web service built. I updated my answer. –  Andy Oct 21 '11 at 2:18

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