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I want to deploy a generated Maven AppAssembler assembler/ directory to somewhere in a file system, SSH, or whatnot. Can Cargo do that for me, or is there an equivalent deployment tool that will let me glob a bunch of files (in this case the target/appassembler/ directory) and deploy them to a destination?

I have a couple command-line applications that run as scheduled tasks (via cron or Windows Scheduler), and I want to deploy them out to these remote locations (in one case via SSH, and another a network share \\servername\C$\whatever\). I don't know how I can accomplish that, since all of the deployment plugins I have been looking at cater to web applications and app containers or Remote repos like Nexus.

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Try maven copy plugin - it has excellent networking support (scp,FTP,HTTP). You might also find useful maven sshexec plugin.

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I know this question is quite old, but since someone else might also be interested in this:

I don't have a complete/concrete example for this, since I never tried it, but maybe the maven assembly plugin could be used for this, with the dir assembly format?

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