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I'm looking for a way to provide a link directly to a social classifieds category. It's looking like it will be a pretty generic solution to make a dropdown populate via URL, or something :p

If you look here - http://demo.socialengine.net/classifieds

On the right, you'll see a filter box, the first of the option is a category. As soon as you select a category the page reloads (but the url doesn't change) presenting the selected category.

I need to make 2 links to particular categories, so I'm hoping someone can provide an interesting way to make it work. Hopefully that demo site can give enough info.

Thanks Stackers!

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I found some way, try bellow:


Pass the category parameter in URL, but this is an id, not much SEO friendly.

I'll update here, if there is another good solution.

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I hope this will make a drop down with links for each option within dropdown:

<select class="styled" style="position: absolute; opacity: 0; font-size: 13px; height: 49px;"onchange="if (this.value) window.location.href=this.value">

<?php   foreach ($this->categories as $key=>$cat){  ?>
<option value= "/classifieds?category=<?php echo $key; ?>"><?php echo $cat; ?></option>
<?php  } ?>     

You need link for only two options you give condition within the foreach loop like if($key<2) then this will make link for two options and for rest it will simply form a dropdown.

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