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I would like having a way to trigger Thunderbird, from an external script, into displaying a particular message in a particular folder.

If it were Firefox, say, I would use firefox -new-tab http://some-URL, and an already running Firefox (or a new one if none) would nicely fetch and display URL. But I found no way to do something equivalent with Thunderbird, neither on the Thunderbird site or through existing extensions, and even after some furious Googling around, which I attempted more than once!

One problem, compared to a plain URL, is the need some notation for selecting a message. Short of a better solution, I wrote a script which knows folder:SOME-FOLDER:ORDINAL, and behaves like an extension of xdg-open. My tool inserts a proper prefix and a few .sbd as needed within the SOME-FOLDER part to turn it into an absolute Thunderbird file reference, and ORDINAL picks a message in that folder. My tool then grabs the message, heuristically converts it into HTML file, and then, directs a Web browser to the resulting file (and if :ORDINAL is not given, it processes the whole folder instead, yielding an HTML index and many linked messages).

My current tool helps a bit at saving message references in other documents and efficiently retrieving them later, but I handle a copy of the Thunderbird message, and not the original. So if I want to delete it, refile it in another Thunderbird folder, and do other similar operation, I still have to go to Thunderbird, interactively find my way again to the wanted message before I can handle it, and this, is not efficient. What I'm dreaming of is a way to get rid of all my HTML conversion and browser trickery, but still keep the pseudo-URL paradigm and pseudo xdg-open interface, to directly force Thunderbird into the correct folder, with the wanted message correctly displayed.

In previous email readers I used (Emacs RMAIL and then Gnus, and Mutt as well later), such things could be managed, and I heavily used such capabilities in scripts. I am astonished, surprised, even a bit dismayed, by the apparent weakness of Thunderbird as a scriptable mail reader. Am I missing something evident? Any avenue or suggestion?


P.S. Of course, I agree that using ORDINAL is not very clever. It might mean a different message if the folder get some messages added or deleted. This is a lesser bad. A better but potentially heavier notation might use Message-ID values, but then, an index would also be needed to find the Thunderbird folder containing each message.

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There seems to be some way to do it since Google Desktop supported it according to this thread - Perhaps try installing Google Desktop and see what kind of hyperlink its using?

I'll add Outlook supports using external hyperlinks using the outlook: naming scheme, for example outlook:Inbox or outlook:0000000007A2379547B0624691F4FB2E5468A0D7642E2000. See for more info.

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