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i am trying to use marching cubes to visualize molecular densities and i was wondering if there was a place on the web that has a open source libraries to do this. i have seen many people post their code online, but i don't want to "steal" code.

i know i can email them and ask for permission, which i might end up doing, but i was wondering if there was a LAPACK type library for computer graphics which would have a marching cubes routine which i could just link against.

by this i mean that LAPACK simply has functions which do a predetermined linear algebra calculation and it is very common for people to simply link to LAPACk (or something like it) instead of writing their own code from scratch.

is there a package or library like this for marching cubes?

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Take a look at VTK open source library. I used to use that before:

vtkMarchingCubes Class Reference

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thanks, i'm a bit confused as to how that works though. i see that i can #include the given header, but where do i go to download the library and how should i link to it? – drjrm3 Oct 25 '11 at 14:56

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