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Using MacHG I get this message:

"Mercurial reported error number 255:abort: Resource busy"

I'm trying to push changes across a local network from my mac to a SMB mounted shared directory. It was working earlier today for 2 pushes and a clone.

I have read all the forums about lock files and symlinks and that SMB supports symlinks for the file locking to work.

Also there are no .hg/store/lock or .hg/wlock files for me to delete to resolve the locking scenario.

EDIT: After trying CIFS as the protocol for mounting the share it would appear CIFS is now reporting the same issue/error message...

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After repeating tests of:

  • Switching from SMB to CIFS
  • performing a verify on each repository.
  • Closing MacHG on all computers involved.
  • Closing XCode on all computers involved
  • Restarting all computers involved

It would seem the only solution that was consistent is to NOT map to a networked share folder...


The above link is a really great guide on getting a simple intranet share happening.

You'll need to edit the .hg/hgrc file so that it includes the following lines:


Then in our situation we created a startup script (batch file for windows in our case) for when the server turned on to make sure it performed the following:

taskkill /f /im hg.exe /t

cd pathtorepository\MyProject
hg serve -d -p <portnumber1>

cd pathtosecondproject\MySecondProject
hg serve -d -p <portnumber2>

Visit the mercurial wiki or search SO for more details on setting up hg serve if you requre secure connections and authentication


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