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is it possible to map keys in vim only when a pom.xml is present in the current directory? I know it is possible to map keys when a certain file type is open, but I can't figure out how to map keys based on the presence of a file.

I could like to add some keybindings to vim to aid in development of maven projects. For example, when I want to browse the sources of dependencies:

mvn dependency:unpack-dependencies
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Put something like this into your vimrc:

function! IfPomXmlExists()
  if file_readable("pom.xml")
    " define your commands here..
    map <buffer> <C-F9> :echo "hello pom!"<CR>

augroup pomxml
  autocmd BufReadPre * call IfPomXmlExists()
augroup END
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here you have some examples with autocommand You can get inspiration there. i.e. from this:

:  autocmd FileAppendPre        *.gz !mv <afile>:r <afile>
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