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I wonder what's the minimal code required to start two instances of an application on a machine, which can send to and receive messages from each other.

As far as I understand, I would need

  1. to start an actor which can process messages.
  2. to tell this instance that there is another instance where messages can be sent to.

How can I do 1. and 2. in Akka?

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From Akka's home page:

// server code
class HelloWorldActor extends Actor {
  def receive = {
    case msg => self reply (msg + " World")
remote.start("localhost", 2552).register("hello-service", actorOf[HelloWorldActor])

// client code
val actor = remote.actorFor("hello-service", "localhost", 2552)
val result = (actor ? "Hello").as[String]
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