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My end goal is to draw an updated RenderTargetBitmap anytime a specific control renders any updates, which will be sent to a COM object and rendered in another application.

I'm trying to hook onto any event which will let me know that the control, or any of its children, have updated. My control is a mix of databound text and image fields, and gradients that have ColorAnimations applied to them.

Is there any way to know a visual control (and it's children) have changed? I've tried listening to OnVisualChildrenChanged, ArrangeOverride, ParentLayoutInvalidated, and OnRender, none of which are fired when a databound child is rendered.

An initial thought was to simply listen to the databound fields in the INotifyPropertyChanged object, however the ColorAnimation means all the frames of the control won't be properly captured.

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You could hook into d3d which is used by WPF "the hard way". But since you are looking for some straight forward way directly from your C# code I came across something interesting.

If I am not mistaken this will let you hook into the d3d surface of WPF in a very simple way and let you know every time the surface is rendered – so you can capture only on updates.


Disclaimer: Never did try it out and the last time I piloted a compiler is a long time ago-:)

(Will, Thanks for your contributions on XSplit testing)

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