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I create a div box with css : overflow: scroll. Here is my code:

<div id="resultbox" style="overflow:auto">
    <div id="abc"><a id="p1" href="123.php" class="fac_result" >abc</a>
        <a id="p2" href="456.php" class="fac_result" >def</a>
        <a id="p3" href="789.php" class="fac_result" >ghi</a>
    <div id="ccc">
        <a id="pt1" href="123.php" class="fac_result" >123</a>
        <a id="pt2" href="456.php" class="fac_result" >456</a>
        <a id="pt3" href="789.php" class="fac_result" >789</a>
    <div id="kkk">
        <a id="s1" href="ddd.php" class="fac_result" >wer</a>
        <a id="s2" href="fff.php" class="fac_result" style="background-color:#C7C8CA">fff</a>
        <a id="s3" href="ggg.php" class="fac_result" >ggg</a>
    <div id="opo">
        <a id="t1" href="qqq.php" class="fac_result" >rrr</a>

How can I do so that after an user clicked a link after the page refreshed but it will still return user to the row that I just selected which is highlighted background with background-color:#C7C8CA but I don't wish to scroll down the page. I just want it bring me back the selected link within the div box only. Is it possible?

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You need to pass id via hash eg #id. Let's assume you want to redirect user to this row scrolled:

<a id="s1" href="ddd.php" class="fac_result" >wer</a>

You would redirect using:


page.php is supposed to be the same page where above link is defined.

Working example is right here, click on following link:

My Answer

It would take you to my answer scrolled directly. The same technique is used here, here is the url:


As can be seen at the end, there is #7845469 which is the id of row containing my answer.

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No. That is not I want. I want after a page refresh scroll back to the inside div only. –  user610983 Oct 21 '11 at 7:07

Are you doing it cross pages?

You could use the scrollTo plugin, which can scroll inside a div.


Their examples are created that way: http://demos.flesler.com/jquery/scrollTo/

If you want it on pagereload, and are setting the background dynamic - then just do:

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This perhaps doesn't work to me. Because after a link is clicked whole page need to refresh. –  user610983 Oct 21 '11 at 7:03
Updated post :-) –  Marco Johannesen Oct 21 '11 at 8:18

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