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What are the steps to estimating using function points?

Is there a quick-reference guide of some sort out there?

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I took a conference session on Function Point Analysis a few years back. There is a lot too it. You can check out the Free Function Point Training Manual online, the Fundamentals of Function Points, or I suspect you can get a book on it at a computer store.

You might also check out the International Function Point Users Group and see if they have some resources or a local meeting for you.

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You really need to get some training on it. Check with IFPUG. You will unknowingly pick up some destructive bad habits if self-taught. It also helps to have an experienced FP analyst review some of your early attempts.

It's the kind of thing that appears overwhelmingly complex until you "get it" and then it's fairly quick to do. It improved my requirements analysis a lot too. I often spot contradictions and gaps when doing a count.

It isn't limited to BDUF Waterfall projects either. I spent three years using FP and Planning Poker as cross-checks on one another when contracting agile methods projects.

I was IFPUG-certified from 2002-2005 and am still using FP analysis. I've seen it misused a lot, and I think that's why it has such a bad reputation.

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