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Hy! I'm adapting a chat using sockets and threads from java client to android client. The server remains the same. I've wrote the internet and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions in the manifest. The problem is that when I try to connect to server it throws some errors. The try{ socket = new Socket("localhost", 5000);} line throws:

link to screenshot

What could be the problem ? Would you want to put the whole code here ?

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Thanx for the posts guys, it's working now. I was thinking the android emulator like the same machine, so the incorrect ip addressing. Thanks again! –  Emil Pana Oct 21 '11 at 8:50

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I'm sure that you're trying to contact your local machine and not the device itself. The phone will address itself using localhost or So when your device is not a server and is not listening for that port the connection will fail.

Try to use This should target your machine you're developing on. (source)

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Have you tried using the real network ip of your machine (sth. like instead of "localhost"? The error itself looks to me like there's nobody listening on port 5000. So I guess the Droid is trying to connect to itself instead to the server.

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