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I need xml styles for tab on or off state,whenever i click the button,display rounded rectangle on button.How can i make new style for given image.please give some tips for me how to create styles for rounded rectangle like this image

enter image description here

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For that add rounded cornered images as a background to tab:

tab = tabs.newTabSpec("tab_Busquedas");
tab.setContent(new Intent().setClassName("com.grapp", "").putExtras(bundle));
//here you set the image with rounded corners over the tab.

This solution is posted at: How to achieve rounded tabs in Android 2.1 +

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,I want to create styles for this,don't use image,How is it possible. – Karthikeyan Oct 21 '11 at 7:01

You can make use of the themes feature for the same.

If you make use of this feature, maintainability will also be easy.


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