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I have to find that a given(any) website is using microformats or not,how to do that?I'd seen how to use micro format but still not getting which are those exceptional tag,used only to make microforts.should I search for hcard or vcard??or span classes I am not getting pls help me. does google provide any api for that, I searched google webmaster as well.I am using c#,

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I 'd seen some more ,example I ,think I should search for hcard ,and vcard class ,am I correct?? –  konika Oct 21 '11 at 8:17

2 Answers 2 has all the information you are searching for regarding class names, etc. You can use this bookmarklet to extract vcards on a page:


However that's only going to show vcards, so if you're testing a page and it has no vcard, that doesn't mean that it does not have other microformats on the page elsewhere.

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If you want to do so programmatically, you can write code to parse/grep page content for a sequence of DIV and SPAN elements with the classes characteristic of the microformat you are looking for.

To do so manually (as a human), the QA process I use is: Install one of the browser plugins detailed at and browse to the page you want to verify... the browser will detect any present microformats on the page and display the information.

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