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It it possible to link the dialog feed app-link to a page, rather than a app. Or do so the app redirects to the page??

enter image description here

Thank you in advance... :-)

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I don't think its possible for you to change the link/text where it states 'via' as this will always be the application from which the call was made. However you can make use of the actions config key.

    method: 'feed',
    link: 'https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/',
    picture: 'http://fbrell.com/f8.jpg',
    name: 'Facebook Dialogs',
    caption: 'Reference Documentation',
    description: 'Using Dialogs to interact with users.',

    // this is the part you want
    actions: [{
        name: 'My App Page',
        link: 'http://www.apppage.com'

Will look like:

enter image description here

See documentation here http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/feed/

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The link is the Site URL specified in the application settings. It have to be a link own by your application, so use a redirect functionality to redirect to the Facebook page with the tab, rather than directly to the solution out of the iframe.

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