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I begin some Freemarker code but I have a problem.

Let's say that my FTL is like the following:

<#list datas as x>
Name : ${x.name}
< /#list>

In Eclipse console I have the correct result but nothing is printing in my browser. I have the HTML Template but nothing between my BODY.

Do you know what's going wrong ?

Thanks a lot !

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What Writer are you passing to Template.process? You should pass the Writer of the HttpResponse to it, or something that eventually writes its input there. If auto-flushing was explicitly disabled in FreeMarker (it probably wasn't anyway) and you don't call flush on the Writer, that can also lead to issues like this.

Also, be sure datas is not empty, because then the above template outputs nothing.

What prints the HTML body tags anyway? Is that not FreeMarker?

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I have all the HTML Template when I'm displaying the source of my browser's page. –  Pierre Oct 21 '11 at 9:01

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