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I've verified my account in Heroku by entering my billing information. When I visit, it tells me "Your account is already verified".

However, when I run a command to add an add-on, such as heroku addons:add custom_domains, I get this error:

-----> Adding custom_domains to uplate... failed
 !     Please verify your account to install this add-on
 !     For more information, see
 !     Confirm now at

Also, when I click on any "Verify" link on the website (like on the add-on pages), I just get redirected to the same page I was on, but it keeps telling me to verify.

Am I missing something? This is my first app on Heroku so I am still a little confused.

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You're certainly not doing anything wrong. To make sure it's fresh;

heroku auth:logout
heroku addons:add custom_domains < This will prompt your to enter your heroku credentials

I have seen similar reports of verified accounts not showing as verified - this was actually when a client was trying to scale their dynos and it kept getting stuck in the 'verify' lookp in which case you'll be better off contacting heroku support.

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Well, this solved the verification issue, however now it's telling me that I don't have access to the application that I just created on heroku. It's not listed in "My Apps", but I can access it in my browser and push changes to it without any problem. – bricker Oct 21 '11 at 8:10
If you login to heroku using the credentials you just used then you should see your application in My Apps - if not, it's definitely a question for support. If you do heroku info in your application does the OWNER value match the login you're using to It sounds like there could be multiple heroku accounts floating around here to me. – John Beynon Oct 21 '11 at 8:20
running heroku info gives me the same message - "You do not have access to <appname>". I do have another account with Heroku that I abandoned a long time ago because it was for a project that didn't happen. If that's the cause of the problem, what could I do to wipe my computer clean of everything Heroku, and start fresh? This is on OS X 10.7 by the way. – bricker Oct 21 '11 at 8:26
to 'get rid' of heroku you would just delete your ~/.heroku folder - that is where it stores credentials that the heroku command uses. It will recreate it when you use the command again, see how that works for you? ps make sure your heroku gem is up to date. – John Beynon Oct 21 '11 at 8:31
See the answer I posted... I guess I was still logged in with my old credentials when I created the app, setting its owner to my old login stuffs. Thanks for the help! – bricker Oct 21 '11 at 8:34

John Beynon answered my original question. However, I then was getting the "You do not have access to ". This was because I was still logged in with the credentials from another account when I first created the app. To solve this, I ran two commands:

heroku sharing:add <myemail> // adds a collaborator to the app
heroku sharing:transfer <myemail> // transfers ownership

You can then optionally run:

heroku sharing:remove <oldemail>

To remove the old e-mail address from the app.

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