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I have 2 combo box in a form, first I choose Combo box 1, after that I click Combo box 2 where value in combo box 2 = value in combo box 1. The problem here is how I can refresh combo box 2 when I choose again combo box 1 without coding VBA? Is there any tool to do this action???

Thanks for any answer!

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Why can't you use VBA? That's an odd requirement. –  PowerUser Oct 24 '11 at 14:58
More specific and less confusing wording might help us to help you. For example, do you mean that you already know how to make the value of combo box 2 the same as the one of combo box 1? What exactly do you mean by "refreshing combo box 2"? And so on and so forth. Also it might be helpful to keep the problem description less abstract (e.g. to tell us what kind of domain information do those combo boxes actually show). –  Yarik Nov 5 '11 at 1:55

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