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I turned on URL rewriting on Drupal, and some URL image are broken.

For example :

local/tw/sites/all/themes/tw/images/1-p1.jpg become local/tw/content/sites/all/themes/tw/images/1-p1.jpg


local/tw/sites/all/themes/tw/images/2-p1.jpg become local/tw/node/sites/all/themes/tw/images/2-p1.jpg

Any ideas?

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How're you outputting your images in your templates? –  Ben Swinburne Oct 21 '11 at 8:22

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If you used relative path, and you're talking about contents within nodes, it's perfectly normal, since "node/" is interpreted like a directory.

You could fix this problem adding a "/" before image src, or using module like Path Filter that provides a simple file:relative/path/to/file syntax.

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