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I'm new to MVC and I'm trying to implement ViewModel to avoid ViewBag method to display Lists. And I can't manage to have a validation message when an item is not selected in the dropdownlist when using a ViewModel.

public class PasswordViewModel
        public Password password { get; set; }
        public IEnumerable<SelectListItem> PasswordTypes { get; set; }
public class Password
        public Guid PasswordID { get; set; }

        [Required(ErrorMessage="Type Required")]
        public Guid PasswordTypeID { get; set; }

        public virtual PasswordType PasswordType { get; set; }

Here is my Controler

    // GET: /Password/Create
    public ActionResult Create()
        PasswordViewModel passwordviewmodel = new PasswordViewModel();

        passwordviewmodel.PasswordTypes = new SelectList(db.PasswordTypes.OrderBy(p => p.TypeName) , "PasswordTypeID", "TypeName");

        return View(passwordviewmodel);

    // POST: /Password/Create
    public ActionResult Create(PasswordViewModel passwordviewmodel)

        if (ModelState.IsValid)
            passwordviewmodel.password.PasswordID = Guid.NewGuid();

            return RedirectToAction("Index");  
        return View(passwordviewmodel);

And the view

@model PasswordManager.Models.PasswordViewModel
@using (Html.BeginForm())
// ...               
    @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.password.PasswordTypeID, Model.PasswordTypes, "")
    @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.password.PasswordTypeID)

The code here works until I forget to select an Item in the drop down list. In that case it raises the following Exception :

The ViewData item that has the key 'password.PasswordTypeID' is of type 'System.Guid'     but must be of type 'IEnumerable<SelectListItem>'.

Line 23:                         @Html.DropDownListFor(model =>    model.password.PasswordTypeID, Model.PasswordTypes, "")

I'm obviously missing something here but I'm stuck. Any help appreciated thanks.

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If you are able to leave password type blank, then should your PasswordTypeId be nullable? –  user338195 Oct 21 '11 at 8:36
No that's the point I want a PasswordTypeId but I don't want it to be "preselected" when I display the view. I want to force the user to chose it. –  Arno 2501 Oct 21 '11 at 9:02

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