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I am trying to compile CPP code on an Ubuntu machine. I read somewhere that g++ is included in gcc. so in CodeBlocks I included the GNU GCC compiler. Codeblocks returned an error saying that g++ was not found. Is g++ another seperate compiler?

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g++ is for compiling C++, gcc is for compiling C. Two different compilers for two different languages!

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ok thanks for that –  Trt Trt Oct 21 '11 at 8:37
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I'm not very familiar with g++ but g++ is a C++ compiler and C++ is an extension of the C language so all C code can be compiled with a C++ compiler. So you could say that g++ contains a C compiler but saying that g++ contains gcc isn't correct I think.

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Both g++ and gcc programs are from the same free software project, GCC. However, on Ubuntu you have several different packages for them, so install the g++-4.6 or the g++ package with gcc-4.6 or gcc one. (if you don't install both, you won't be able to compile both C & C++).

Both programs can compile C and C++ files, assuming the C files are suffixed with .c and the C++ ones with .cc or .cpp (etc..).

But they won't do exactly the same things, in particular, they won't link the same default libraries.

To understand what they do, you can run

gcc -v -Wall -g myprog.cc -o myprog


g++ -v -Wall -g myprog.cc -o myprog

and you'll see the differences. The -v flag often means "verbose".

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