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I use play-framework application, and going to use JWEBUNIT for functional testings. There is a article that proved me to use that way:

Everything fine, but I have a problem with my first test, it just stuck while try to invoke it - and no any response form it.

The code where he stuck is (I use the same pieces of code like in that Article above):

public void testIndexRendersSuccessfully()
   assertEquals(wt.getElementById("error").getTextContent(), "");
   assertEquals(wt.getElementById("success").getTextContent(), "");

My dependencies for jwebunit are like this:

    - play
    - net.sourceforge.jwebunit -> jwebunit-core 3.0
    - net.sourceforge.jwebunit -> jwebunit-htmlunit-plugin 3.0 

Do you have experiences with that or already had such problem?

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why would not use the inbuilt WebDriver framework which comes with play ? – user1307037 Jan 10 '13 at 18:50
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I found the answer,sorry I do not like read article right to the end.

I just need to put this to conf

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