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I'm trying to generate a Perl library to connect to a WebService. This webservice is in an HTTPS server and my user has access to it.

I've executed several times, with different options, and it always fails with the message: Unauthorized at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/SOAP/WSDL/Expat/ line 73. The thing is, when I don't give my user/pass as arguments, it doesn't even asks for them.

I've read [SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Cookbook] ( and done what it says about HTTPS: Crypt::SSLeay is instaleld, and both SOAP::WSDL::Transport::HTTP and SOAP::Transport::HTTP are modified.

Can you give any hint about what may be going wrong?

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Can you freely access the WSDL file from your web browser? Can someone else in your network access it without any problems?

Maybe the web server hosting the WSDL file requires Basic or some other kind of Authentication...

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If not necessary ,I don't recommend you to use perl as a web service client .As you know ,perl is a open-source language,although it do support soap protocol,but its support do not seem very standard.At first,its document is not very clear.And also ,its support sometimes is limited.At last,bug always exists here and there.

So ,if you have to use wsdl2perl,you can use komodo to step into the code to find out what happened.This is just what I used to do when using perl as a web service client.You know ,in the back of https is SSL,so ,if your SSL is based on certificate-authorized,you have to set up your cert path and the list of trusted server cert.You'd better use linux-based firefox to have a test.As I know ,you can set up firefox's cert path and firefox's trusted cert list.If firefox can communicated with your web service server succefully,then,it's time to debug your perl client.

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