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i want to check whether string present .png,.pdf,.htmlfor that i m using

 NSRange foundRange = [stringrangeOfString:@"pdf"];

for 1 parameter that is @"pdf",its working but i want to check for @"png",@"html" and more parameters

Here is code now m using NSRange foundRange = [string rangeOfString:@"pdf"]; is their any code for that ..plz let me know thanks

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Please ask a readable question! – Bali C Oct 21 '11 at 9:21
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use a foreach statement

NSArray *arr = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"A", @"B", nil] 
foreach(NSString *str in arr)
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first you need to get them into an NSArray.After that use a for loop and go trough it.

Obs : range will get you the first apparence.I;m guessing you want to check the extension. Take "a.pdf.asd" as an example.This is not a pdf document. You can try using the pathExtension method for checking,or rangeOfCharacterFromSet:options: with NSBackwardsSearch mask

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What the problem is here is that you are trying to check the extension of three types, but only giving one, so of course it will only work for one type, in this case pdf. As others have mentioned using an NSArray with the values .png,.pdf,.html loop through and check each case. Then you will have your answer that you require.

If you ever need to check for more parameters, easy add it to the NSArray, and a loop statement will do the rest for you.

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