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I want to query Solr for a search that has a name of "Manter".

My query:

Manter AND doc_type:newspaper

That works fine

But when I want to query:

Manter AND collection_name:Birth Records I get no results

or even just collection_name:Birth Records This does exist

How can I correct my query?


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Try -

collection_name:"Birth Records"

and if you just filtering the records -

q=manter&fq=collection_name:"Birth Records"
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to explain that a bit because the OP may not know: inserting collection_name:"Birth Records" as a fq (filterquery) filters by that value but doesn't interfere with scoring (in constrast to putting it in the query (q) ) Moreover, filterqueries have good performance characteristics becacuse they can be cached seperately –  Geert-Jan Oct 21 '11 at 19:09

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